Nazi Germany Also Just Wanted to Simply Make Their Country Great Again

Do you remember how Hitler gained power through his grand nationalistic ideals? Really the Nazi party was simply trying to make Germany great again. So as they gained power through increasing intolerance and even though they were kind of rigid and fascist, people turned a blind eye, they stayed silent as tensions within became darker than they could have ever imagined. They had only wanted their nation to be great again.

Sound familiar? I hope it does because as someone who has studied and taught history, what we are seeing in our own self-proclaimed “Christian” nation today, looks disturbingly similar. I mean we aren’t at the point of total fascism with a side of genocide, but we are well on our way.

I’m sure most Germans also thought it would never get to the point of mass extermination of people groups in their “civilized” society.

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If We Don’t Want to See another Charlottesville - Silence is Not an Option

When will we all truly speak out against the blatant racism that embodies this self-proclaimed Christian nation? We just watched hundreds of white supremacists, adorned in kkk and Nazi gear, stroll through the University of Virginia with tiki torches shouting phrases like “blood and soil” as they encircled and even attacked counter-protesters. We then watched the following day as up to a thousand white fascists rallied in this small college town and as they were met with the resistance of you know - people not okay with blatant racism - violence broke out and white terrorist drove a car into the crowd of counter-protesters killing one woman. We should all be vocally outraged - silence is not an option.

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Thoughts for the Silent Progressives

This world is such a mess, it is without a doubt that the time for change is now. The pursuit of vocally opposing the gross oppression in our nation while advocating for loving others first - naturally and expectantly - brings a lot of antagonism from the Conservative American Church whose ways are being challenged. However, what has really thrown me off guard, has been some of the criticism from those who lean towards progressivism.

Those who know the issues and believe in the cause, but think we need to tone it down, take a more passive approach. Those who have told me to essentially censor how I speak about the insane oppression we see happening right before our eyes so as to not offend the oppressors.

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The Risk of (American) Christian Supremacy and The Great Commission ~ Guest Blog by Rich A Rosendahl

There are countless churches and organizations across America that have programs teaching people how to evangelize others into their version of Christianity, some that I have participated in.  These groups are typically focused on the idea of trying to follow what is called ‘the Great Commission’ of Jesus, but in practice, the attitudes and actions of these organizations can sometimes produce a form of (American) Christian Supremacy.   

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To My Conservative Christian Friends

To My Conservative Christian Friends,

Those who support the Muslim Ban, are adamantly against universal healthcare, support drone strikes that kill thousands of children abroad, yet call themselves “pro-life.” I am trying to understand where you are coming from because I can’t for the life of me figure out how this perspective aligns with the ways of your savior.

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The Middle Ground of Racism

Telling me to lay off of calling out racism within white American Christianity would be like telling someone to lay off the Nazi party shortly before the actual start of their genocide. I mean I’m sure some of them were decent people; just trying to make Germany great again right?  

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The Racist God of America

I remember the first time I realized that the god of the majority of American Christianity was basically racist. Someone dear to me was trying to make a case for Christian Zionism and as I stood in a dim lit hallway listening intensely, I felt this sort of - what the fuck, are you actually being serious right now – type of confusion.

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An Open Letter from the Syrian Border

Dear America,

Self-proclaimed Christian nation, I wish the lives of others mattered to you as much as Starbucks coffee cups. I know the guy you call savior instructed you to love others as yourselves but that seems to have become more of a catchy phrase than an actual command to live by.

A few days ago, a handful of miles north of where I am sitting right now, a chemical attack massacred innocent Syrian children as they slept. As the internet floods with yet more images of small, limp, lifeless bodies piling up, my heart falls apart knowing this just adds to the atrocities the world watches yet refuses to respond to with love.

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The Truth Behind Why I Go to the Syrian Border

In a few short days my husband and I will be taking a team to the Syrian border in Jordan to Love, serve, and learn from our Syrian neighbors who are refugees in the region. I’m pretty sure I am not supposed to say this but here’s the deal, I don’t feel the couple of weeks we spend abroad is some wildly meaningful act towards the wonderful people we encounter.

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What if the Great Command of Jesus - Love Others - was Actually the Point

What if the Great Command of Jesus – Love others- was literally the entire point of following his ways? What if you didn’t have an underlying motive of, I don’t know, conversion? What if you are not meant to be a little messiah and in your attempts to “save” others, you are actually putting yourself on a pedestal which tends to dehumanize others.

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To My Former Dreamer Students: I'm Sorry I Lied to You

To My Former Latinx Students,

I am truly sorry, I lied to you.

Do you remember the first week of our US History class during the Fall of 2015? We discussed America’s first national motto, E Pluribus Unum. As I explained the meaning, Out of Many, One, we agreed that a wonderful attribute of America is the many immigrants with diverse cultures that make up this nation.

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