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Hi, I'm Sheri and I like to write my thoughts on topics that tend to make people uncomfortable. 

You know - religion, social issues, love, White-Jesus, and that Palestinian refugee guy who also liked to talk about these topics two-thousanish years ago. 

I even wrote a book about this stuff, Not Your White Jesus: Following a Radical Refugee Messiah, that you can check out in your local places and internet sites that books are sold this Fall of 2018.

I will warn you, I tend to be pretty blunt, a bit fiery, wildly sarcastic and a total bleeding heart and I want to hangout with you and be the change that our mess of a world needs to let love win. 

To be real, I'm thinking together, we can start a world changing revolution. A revolution kind of like the type Martin Luther King Jr and even the real life Palestinian Jesus himself sparked. A revolution in which hate is drowned out by love.

Aside from writing and my life goals of a red letter revolution, I am an activist, wife, mom and to be honest I am completely in love with the Middle East, cookies, yoga, tea, truth-seeking, and adventures.

My BA husband, Rich, and I also run a non-profit called The Nations, dedicated to peace and humanitarian work - both domestically and abroad - with our amazing neighbors who are refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. If you want to check out more about it or if you's like to come to the Syrian border with us sometime, you can here The Nations :) 

~Sheri Faye Rosendahl